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Upper Mississippi River
National Wildlife and Fish Refuge 1924   —— The First 100 Years ——  2024

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Celebrate the Refuge Centennial in 2024!

A century ago, a monumental movement of determined citizens petitioned Congress to create the largest "wild-life preserve" ever in order to save their favorite upper Mississippi River backwaters from being drained and converted to farmland. Spearheading the movement was the charismatic Will Dilg whose newly created Izaak Walton League championed the refuge as its first magnificent achievement.

The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge has been a haven for fish, wildlife, and people since 1924. The Refuge stretches 261 river miles from Wabasha, Minnesota to Rock Island, Illinois, protecting over 240,000 acres of Mississippi River floodplain. The Refuge hosts over 3.7 million annual visits for hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, and other recreation. This national and international treasure hosts:

  • 306 species of birds
  • 300+ bald eagle nests
  • 50% of the world's canvasback ducks
  • 20% of eastern U.S. tundra swans
  • 51 species of mammals
  • 42 species of freshwater mussels
  • 119 species of fish

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River Cities Proclaim Importance of Refuge

Cities along the upper Mississipi River are acknowledging the importance of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge to their communities by proclaiming the week of June 7, 2024 as "Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge Day"

Mayor Mitch Reynolds signs the city of La Crosse's centennial proclamation, January 10, 2024 (enlarge)

Refuge Centennial Photo Contest Winners Announced

Fifty-seven incredible entries from 22 photographers were received and judges have selected winning entries. Contest winners and their photographs are displayed on the Friends of the Refuge Headwaters Photo Contest Page.

Winning photos will become part of an exhibit displayed at public events throughout the Refuge Districts in 2024. Best of Show will be determined by public voting during these exhibits.

During February, the winning photos will be on display at:

More display dates coming!